Storytelling is a prime strategy for learning language

We intend to create the first European library of tales dedicated to teachers and children for improving literacy. It will regroup tales in different languages and a wide range of pedagogical resources and tools.

A guide
on tales and storytelling as an educating tool

A library
of tales in different languages

An audio platform
that lets you listen to tales recorded by children and storytellers

of stories told using gestures

Topic sheets
for a transversal approach

Worksheets to create a storytelling classroom

Telling stories is a great activity for early literacy skills

We want to address pupils of primary schools because this is where the base of future learnings develops.
This project dedicated to:

• Teachers, with adequate pedagogical resources to set up workshops about oracy
• Children, from 5 to 11
• Education professionals wishing to set up workshops on orality and storytelling
• Parents and all curious minds who love stories

“Tales are meant to be told, not read”

Sara Cone Bryant

Who are we?

#Seeds of Tellers project gathers 6 European partners from 5 countries, balanced between organisations focused on storytelling (La Grande Oreille and The Grimm Sisters), organisations focused on creating content for the target group (Les Apprimeurs and Logopsycom) and schools (Osnovno uchilishte “Lyuben Karavelov”).







Do you want to join us?

#Seeds of Tellers aims to gather additional pedagogical resources and to share materials that external contributors might wish to disseminate.
All institutions and organizations as well as teachers and storytellers  can become an external contributor of #Seeds of Tellers